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From Time to Time

Choreography by Namotion Dance Company

Music composition: Luigi Imperato

Light design: Stella Luna Palino

Video and Photography: 808Visions


 The duet portrays the complexity that lays in the illusion of time and explores the relationship between the dancers in this abstract scenery. 

 Living in the present moment means being able to  let go of the past and not wait for the future. When we are thinking about past or future, we are actually experiencing  memories, ideas and thoughts, in the now. Therefore time does not exist, it is just an idea in our minds.


Choreography by Namotion Dance Company

Film & editing by Riccardo Aloisi

A dance piece about finding silence

Stress, chaos, rush and restlessness shape our everyday lives.

Society increasingly tends to adopt a superficial mentality and loses the ability to exist in silence.

Restlessness becomes an habitual state of mind that unconsciously befuddles our head and soul by tearing us away from nature.

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